Bike Lubrication Diagram Sargent and Co., exist in order to promote, revive,and  facilitate the sport and pastime of cycling.

"The bicycle was once considered mans greatest invention.It is so perfectly designed that its shape has been little changed since 1890,though its technical development is right up to date with the most modern of engineering practice.Here is a form of handy personal transport that will serve the user well and give years of wear."

"Cycling is an art. It is not sufficient to buy the right machine for the job and equip it intelligently.The rider must contribute most by positioning himself on his mount so that the cycle and he operates as one.To this end an effortless style makes the propulsive rhythm a thing of joy"

A bicycle is much more than a hack for errands or a means for pleasure travel under one's own steam.
It is the complete antidote for work strain and the anxieties of the age in which we live.The cinema or dance hall,although both provide pleasure and sometimes relaxation,are little more than a change of scene and action from the workaday round;cycling provides change.but also acts in a way that rekindles energy and develops tissue.
You breathe deeper when indulging in this outdoor activity.

It dissolves what is normally called tiredness.It revives interest for the passing scene and the different folk with whom you come into contact.

Most of our workaday jobs and cares do not tire the muscles,but clog them with poisons.Cycling in the pure air gets the blood moving-cleansing-tingling.
Cycling is rhythmic,and it is a truism that all "patterned" exercise is pleasant,efficient and beneficial."

H.E.England 1917

" There is scarcely anything in this world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper,and those that study price alone are this mans lawfull prey"

We deal only in steel.

Rob Sargent.


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