• Witcomb
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    Frame selected by customer from stock (1960 Witcomb),and upon consultation,built up appropriately, to budget.

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  • Higgins track tandem.


    Not sure when built, I think it was used in the 1964 World championships by Dave Handley, possibly in the Commonwealth Games around that time as well. I think Dave went to the Olympics as well riding tandem and I would guess he used it then. I know he used it a various Nationals.

    It is a Higgins but I think it was sprayed up as you see it now when Dave Marsh (not the cycle dealer Dave Marsh!) used it in the late seventies at various National championships, probably with Dave Le Grys and others. I bought it from Dave Marsh.

    It was used in the European Para Cycling Championships in 1995 by Kathryn Miles and blind stoker Robert Allan. They won. They gave me the chain ring they bent in one of the rounds mounted with details underneath . They used it to train for the Atlanta Olympics but were given a super new tandem by somebody to ride the actual event. Robert couldn't take the Olympic pressure and they didn't do that well in the end.

    It was most recently used by various clubmates of mine in Tandem Club Championships  without success, although on year Peter Main and Phil Watkins were leading by three minutes near the end of one  and punctured. They had taken out the wheels on the tandem and put in some light wheels and tyres. (Against my advice I hasten to add.)

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    Suggested searches Dave Handley. Dave Marsh,  UCI World Track Championships 1964 (and other years around that time)

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